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☞ Enjoying Sweet Agony

May 29, 2011

Contemporary Art Jakarta

Saturday night marked the opening of Dia.lo.gue Gallery’s Sweet Agony exhibition. Dia.lo.gue is a clever name as in Bahasa Dia=he/she, lo= an expression of surprise , and gue=I.  Not only was there great art to be seen, but there was also an open-air  market, where artsy goodies were in abundance.

A central componet to the show was the reliance on one’s visual heritage as a compositional tool.  Photorealist painter, Tomy Mackel Tori Nelwan, showcased two canvases, each a portrait of a postcard he received from a dear friend.  The acrylic-on-canvas works are painted to scale, and only upon careful inspection does the viewer perceive them to be paintings of postcards, and not actual postcards taped to canvases.

Evan Driyananda and Attina Nuraini (artists behind the moniker Recycle Experience) also exhibited work that requires scrutiny to fully discern the exact nature of the piece.  Their sculpture, Journey, Fiction and Reality, consists of a robot bird-like creature composed of CD’s, circuit boards, plastic cups and other items we might readily discard on a daily basis.  The creature is suspended from the ceiling, appearing in flight with a small animal hanging from its beak by chains.  Each item that comprises the piece has been separated from its original purpose, creating a visual experience where form trumps function and where even plastic forks can entertain robotic possibility.  Journey, Fiction and Reality is a truly imaginative and finely-crafted artwork.

Contemporary Art Jakarta

The largest piece in the exhibition was a wall hanging titled, Vulva.  This mixed media piece, by G.H.O.S.T. (Yasmina Yustiviani and Agra Satria)  is one where a plexiglass  Javanese dragon head sits atop of a textile body, a colorful custom cloth ikat dreamscape that depicts alphabet magnets flowing into a neon green and pink pelvic skeleton, touching down on a landscape where a sequined Mickey Mouse frolics with a black bird with a human skull, and a benign white animal head.  The work engages the viewer in a conversation about the commodification of female power, a relevant topic in the modern Indonesian femmenist dialogue.  Rooted in cultural metaphor and delving into social discourse, it’s a striking piece both in its execution and pertinent theme.

Contemporary Art Jakarta

Contemporary Art Jakarta

Sweet Agony is an engaging exhibition that should not be missed.  Each work is remarkable and vibrant, just like the venue itself.

For More information on Dia.lo.gue or G.H.O.S.T. Please Visit:



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  1. June 23, 2011 11:12 am

    Lovely post with great photos!! I like the tree branch with dresses hanging on it. Dia.lo.gue’s sign looks dreamy and pretty with the light.

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