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June 23, 2011

Blue Star San Antonio

The Blue Star Arts Complex in South Town San Antonio is a very special place.  I spent a lot of time there as a student at UTSA and while it has evolved over the years, the essential nature of it–as a place that fosters and promotes local artists–remains unchanged.  Little galleries have come and gone, some I really miss, but the Blue Star Art Space still offers up great shows and interesting events just as it did nearly ten years ago when I was there (I even participated in a show there, Texas Dialogues: Parallels, which was a great experience).

Blue Star San Antonio

It was good to walk around this place, the sun blazing in the blue Texas sky.   Moving from place to place, I forget what home feels like.  Home: where your history lives, where some of your best memories were made and where you feel the most like yourself.  I always think, home is where the art is.  Thus, for me, this is it.

Blue Star San Antonio

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