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☞ For the Birds

August 22, 2011

pinkgirlgowild eunice nuh

I really love birds.  I envy them too.  I love that they can fly and sing.  I find them captivating, inspirational, beautiful, and all around wonderful entities.  So, when I got back to Jakarta after a long summer abroad and received the invitation to Inkubator’s exhibition titled Birds, I was delighted, and couldn’t wait to go.

The show is by artist PinkGirlGoWild, a.k.a. Eunice Nuh.  It’s a beautiful mixed-media affair with a video, sculptures,  and drawings all using the winged creatures to depict loss, longing, and love.    Eunice’s Beautiful Victim series consists of three ink on paper doily illustrations each depicting a  highly stylized little bird perched daintily in the center of a paper nest.  While the drawings entertain a certain delicate whimsy, a dark underpinning is present too, as the birds are faceless, and as the title suggests,  victims.

PinkGirlGoWild, Eunice Nuh

Hanging from clothespins on the wall were a bevy of ink on paper drawings featuring cartoon birds in comical situations.  Lighthearted and capricious the drawings had an irreverent edge that made them a delectable treat to read.

pinkgirlgowold eunice nuh

In the background a CD of bird songs played that the artist had procured for roughly 1 usd.  The lovely sound of birds chirping called to mind peaceful moments outdoors, and created a sort of sad juxtaposition with the realization that the magical sound of birds singing can be a manufactured product.  It was a purposeful gesture on Eunice’s part, as she had reached that conclusion when she came upon the CD, and hoped to effectuate that same awareness at the opening.

Birds, is a beautiful, fun, and contemplative exhibition.  Ornithology enthusiasts and art lovers alike will thoroughly enjoy what Birds has to offer.

☞ Birds by PinkGirlGoWild

August 20-September 11, 2011

Inkubator at forme building

Wijaya 1 no. 39

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  1. Pamela permalink
    August 22, 2011 11:25 am

    The article is wonderful acknowledgement of the artist’s ability to bring us to contemplate and celebrate simplicity. Nice work by both the author and the artist.

  2. August 23, 2011 6:07 am

    thank you very much Melanie…..

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