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☞ It Could Have Been A Perfect World

February 18, 2012

Adhyatmika's Latest Film

Adhyatmika makes thoughtful, insightful, sometimes funny, but always evocative short films. His latest film, It Could Have Been a Perfect World, is a beautifully scenic and poignant short film that in 9 minutes and 41 seconds delivers a haunting dose of nostalgia and longing.

Banjo Tasning inIt Could Have Been A Perfect World

The film opens with a man standing in an open field questioning the nature of memories. In a bitter monologue he begs the question, is what we remember, really what happened? But his sardonic tone quickly warms up as he calls to mind the more tender moments spent with the object of his affection. As the details of their time together unfold in a reverie that is at once achingly nostalgic and keenly poetic, the film exposes the fragile nature of relationships and the capacity of memory to reinstate old feelings.

Priscilla Jamail in It Could Have Been A Perfect World

It Could have Been a Perfect World is a picturesque short film with a unique plot, and music that includes a great song by Yudhi Arfani (Table for Two). While it was shot in just two days, Adhyatmika’s most recent project took two years to complete. Why did a 9 minute film take so long to finish? Well, let’s just say, for Adhyatmika the film was a deeply personal project and one that he was devoted to getting just right. His commitment to realizing his vision has paid off as the film conveys the wistful melancholy that anyone who has endured a broken heart can relate to.

For More Information:
It Could Have Been a Perfect World on Facebook
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  1. February 18, 2012 12:42 pm

    A wonderful job of capturing the essence of a creative new talent!

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