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Have Wings, Will Travel.

October 18, 2013
The before.

The before.

When I think about butterflies, I can’t fully wrap my mind around how/why they came to be.  What evolutionary process unfurled such arcane change, and on a related note, why can’t we all grow wings?

And after.

And after.

kl butterfly park

I doubt I’ll ever come to terms with these creatures.  A caterpillar starts out as low to the ground as you can get, and lives a fine existence that way.  Then one day, it crafts a cocoon, digests itself and emerges with long legs, a curled proboscis, and beautiful wings—arguably the opposite of where they began. Why they didn’t simply start out that way is a question I may always have.

kl butterfly park

Perhaps the greatest advantage to being a butterfly rather than a caterpillar is the ability to travel freely and easily.  This part I understand.

kl butterfly park

To fully appreciate the beauty and ingenuity that butterflies embody I recommend heading to the KL Butterfly Park.  This 80,000 sq. ft garden is home to 5,000 butterflies.  I’ve been to several butterfly parks all over the world, and this one is easily my favorite.  It is effortless to navigate and it truly feels like you are walking through an enchanted garden.  Plus there are many interesting plants to examine, a charming pond where you can feed a whirling mass of vibrant koi, and of course amazing butterflies everywhere you turn.

kl butterfly park

I think there's a moth in there.

I think there’s a moth in there.

These little yellow butterflies are highly attracted to little yellow Crocs.

These little yellow butterflies are highly attracted to little yellow Crocs.

I’ve never encountered such a variety of butterflies in one place.  Whereas insects usually repel, cause fear, and are generally unappealing to humans, butterflies have the remarkable ability to both captivate and inspire us.

kl butterfly park

kl butterfly park

So, if you find yourself pondering how to spend your time on a balmy afternoon here in KL, I suggest you head to this delightful park and experience your own butterfly effect.

For more information visit The KL Butterfly Park website.  Enjoy!

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  1. October 18, 2013 1:50 pm

    Facing the falling leaves while anticipating the cold winter temps of Pennsylvania this article spun a tale of warmth and stunning colors associated with spring (in this neck of the woods). Thank you so much.

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