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When the Flame Goes Out

December 21, 2016

pics-for-flame-blog2016 has been a year of tremendous struggle.  Big things and little things alike have not gone as planned.  It has been a challenge to understand why and how people can be so searingly hostile to both the planet as well as to each other.

But, all of this is not meant to be understood. Endeavoring to understand or rationalize our current circumstance serves as a distraction that not only misuses time, but also generates anguish.

Our present conditions are a call to action, but along with the donations we make and the volunteer work we do, we must not neglect the inner world that ultimately frames our external experience.

Nurture inner peace.  It is the simplest and most effective form of dissent.

Only when we have quieted our minds and pacified our broken hearts,  can we find the compassion it requires to move beyond diversion and find common ground.

When it seems the flame within your soul has gone out, take a deep breath, and light another match.


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  1. Matthew Zwartjes permalink
    February 24, 2017 12:26 am

    Very well said.

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