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Quick Bite: OMG Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

March 18, 2014

Enjoying a cup of ice cream at the mall is a pretty standard activity, and one that usually occurs without fanfare.  The folks behind OMG Ice Cream are out to change that with a method for crafting sweet treats that is borderline magical.

It all looks very high-tech.

It all looks very high-tech.

OMG’s  kiosk in Pavilion mall looks like some kind of ice cream laboratory.  Mixers connected to elaborate hoses are situated next to a menu whose extensive range is just about as maniacal as the process itself. What makes this place so different?  OMG uses liquid nitrogen to instantly turn their fresh ingredients into super smooth ice cream.  And the best part (well, besides the delicious ice cream) is that you get to see the whole process (which only takes 1 minute) as the place is set up for you to watch every step.

The magic is happening!

The magic is happening!

Your chosen ingredients are placed in a mixer and before you know it white gas is careening out of the bowl (much to the delight of any child within view). When your order is done, you are handed a super fresh treat that tastes as good as it looks.

Cold Fact.

Cold Fact.

You may be thinking that OMG stands for the ubiquitous phrase, “Oh My Gosh.”  You would be wrong on that point, as it actually stands for the much less appealing, but more amusing slogan, “Ooh My Gas.”  Aside from the full name, the sizing too is a little off kilter as the two sizing options are Cutie (small) and Sexy (large).  It could just be me, but there is something a little weird about ordering a five year old a “sexy” ice cream.  Luckily that was not a bridge I had to cross as Cutie size was just perfect for us.


Have I mentioned how good the ice cream is?  When it comes to menus with customizable options I tend to stick with the prefab ones, because when left to my own devices I end up blending all of my favorites together which somehow never works out. (Like mixing all the play dough colors together thinking you’ll get the best color of all and ending up with a sad brown hue.  These instances must fall under the “Too Much of a Good Thing is Bad” rule.)

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…

One of the rare instances  where the pictures look identical to the actual product.

One of the rare instances where the pictures look identical to the actual product.

Two Cuties.

Two Cuties.

But I digress.  The ice cream is so silky and the flavors we tried were truly satisfying.  The Apple Strudel was my favorite, while my daughter loved the Strawberry Cheesecake and my little son was smitten with the Mint Chocolate Chip.  We will definitely head back to OMG next time we need a sweet fix and/or a science lesson.

Apple strudel, Mint Chocolate chip, & Strawberry Cheesecake. : )

Apple strudel, Mint Chocolate chip, & Strawberry Cheesecake. : )

And then there were none...

And then there were none…

OMG  (Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream : )

NO. 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Pavilion

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 55100

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  1. March 18, 2014 11:59 am

    Thankfully I read this while eating breakfast! Looks like a fun and scrumptious treat….with all the cute innuendoes I expected to see the author posed with an empty “cutie call” cup and a cigarette! Very entertaining article.

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