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Special Feature ☞ The Project Madness

May 2, 2011

The Project Madness jewelry

The Project Madness Jewelry Line jakarta

The Project Madness Jakarta

The Project Madness Jewelry Jakarta

Spotted at last weekend’s Brightspot Market, jewelry from The Project Madness is both courageously edgy and inherently feminine…not unlike the muse for the line, Frida Kahlo herself.  It was this  line’s appealing combination of  raw statement mixed with sensual allure that inspired me to find out more about how the Project Madness came to be.

It turns out, this Project is a team effort, involving a triad of fresh talent.  In the fall of 2008 after graduating from Lasalle College International in Jakarta, Bonnie (a fashion design graduate), Ajeng (a fashion illustration graduate), and Vannie (a fashion business graduate) decided to start an accessories line.  Each had been profoundly moved by all facets of Frida Kahlo’s life.  Everything from her unapologetic passion, her personal tragedies, the resulting triumphs, and her aesthetic sensibilities had inspired them to translate this type of personal dichotomy into a line of wearable art.

Bonnie explains, “Most people are truly  inspiring, but we believe in duality; every coin has two sides, everyone has their alter ego, and sometimes their alter ego can truly bring about their creativity and inspire tons of marvelous things.”  This notion of a layered existence  has been beautifully channeled into each piece produced by The Project Madness.  Using leather and silver plated metal, each work entertains a sinuous quality.  The metal pendants look as if they are dripping off the leather cord, and the rings appear to be simmering on their wearer’s finger.

To my eye  virtually anyone would find these pieces both special yet completely wearable, which is good, as this is their ideal client base.  Bonnie adds, “our target market are people around 17 to 50 who love us and are not afraid to show their emotion and passion.”

Unrestrained passion and natural talent are perhaps Frida Kahlo’s best known qualities.  She is then the most fitting muse for this line which allows the wearer to indulge and satisfy her own passion for beautiful and unique jewelry.

☞ Currently you can find The Project Madness online at  and soon they will be featured at The Goods Dept.  (More on The Goods Dept. to follow… )

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  1. Pamela permalink
    May 2, 2011 11:56 pm

    Great jewelry that steps outside the box just far enough to generate questions. Kudos to these women.

  2. May 3, 2011 1:24 am

    I like their concept of duality. Alter ego bring about creativity is so true. Beautifully written! The rings and bracelets look gender neutral to me. I see the strength of their belief in their designs.

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