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Special Feature ☞ Nagicia Jewelry by Tricia Kim

September 6, 2011

Tricia Kim, like the jewelry she makes, is an unexpectedly charming find.  The Korean born designer lives and works in Bali, and produces pieces for her line, Nagicia, that exhibit elegant craftsmanship and an utterly modern sensibility.  Her necklaces and bracelets have such tactile allure, that once you set eyes on them you instantly want to touch and try on each one.

Nagicia Jewelry by Tricia Kim

The Designer Herself

It’s hard to imagine that Tricia started out selling her work on the streets of San Francisco.  Early in her career her talent landed her an apprenticeship with a high-end goldsmith and eventually she was discovered by John Hardy who brought her unique skill set and vision to Bali.

Bracelet by Tricia Kim

“Anyone who loves jewelry will love something from my collections” says the designer, who finds inspiration in all the intricacies, both sacred and mundane, that comprise the small island where she resides.  Bali, with its profound beauty and  mystical disposition, is an island that resonates in the soul.  Tricia, after traveling and working abroad, now calls the tiny island home.  It’s a place that allows her to manifest her creativity, and market its fruitage to a large audience eager to collect her work.

Nagicia Jewelry by Tricia Kim

Tricia Kim wearing a Nagicia Necklace

Tricia Kim’s work has featured tiny deities strung on pearl or gemstone strands, bold organically shaped rings, and lately, swirly cursive letters, which the wearer can select to make a wildly personalized and special adornment. Her broad assortment of wearable treasures and meticulous, modern aesthetic keep her customers coming back for more.  Her work is now available in four countries, and her online catalog allows us to shop from home.  Although, any excuse to travel to Bali, is a good one.

Bracelet by Nagicia Jewelry

This bracelet (with her son's name) is one of the designer's favorites.

**All photos courtesy of  Tricia Kim**

Look for Nagicia Jewelry at:


Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall  Level 3
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta 10310
t: 62.21.23580890

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